Sensei Lindgren's Okinawa-te Page
An historical documentation of Isshin Shorinji Ryu Okinawa te Karate
as taught by Sensei Woodrow Jensen at the University of Wyoming in the mid to late 1970's.
by Rod Lindgren

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Okinawa-te DVDMike Donnell's 1977 DocumeMike Donnellntary Film
In 1977, Karate student Mike Donnell produced a documentary about Sensei Jensen's Karate club. Mike wrote the script, shot the footage on 8mm black and white film, edited it and added a sound track on a separate audio tape recording. The Narrator is Mike Donnell.

People appearing in it include Sensei Jensen, Tom Klein, Joe Hageman, Lee McNeely, Layne Kopischka, Al McClelland, Pat Dolan, Carrie Little, Joe Madrid, Pat Bustos, Mark Jenkins, Naser Ramadan, Luke Ratliff, Dave Elegy and Rod Lindgren.

If you recognize any other karateka in the movie, or would like a DVD of this documentary, email me.

(If you experience playback problems, please notify me)

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Tom Klein Free Rapple at Holy Saturday  Karate Club Rock Climbers
Tom "Tomi-san" Klein free-rappling off                                Rock Climbers of UW Okinawa te                            
Holy Saturday in Vedauwoo                                            Front row, l to r: Tom Klein,                           
                                                                        Layne Kopishka (wrote the guide book for the climbs at Vedauwoo),
                                                             Sensei Jensen, Rod Lindgren
                                                                        Back row, l to r: Unknown, Gerry Edmunds, Luke Ratliff, Unknown,
                                                                   Bruce LASTNAME, Pat Bustos

Mike Donnell's Karate Certificate