Sensei Lindgren's Okinawa-te Page
Resource website for Isshin Shorinji Ryu Okinawa te Karate.
This Website contains history of ISR as well as documents, photos and video.

“Harmony of Principle, Integrity in Purpose and Mutual Benefit”
by Rod Lindgren

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Historic Photos



Photos courtesy of Mike Ferraris

Parsipany Group

ISR Dragon

Photo courtesy of Mike Ferraris

ISR Early Days


C. Cusumano and T. Kelly

Parsippany Class
Top Guys

ISR Group

Dennis Wohrer      Charles and Robert Cusumano


Stills from the Documentary

These still photos were extracted from Mike Donnell's Documentary

Sensei Woody Jensen                           Lesson of the Day
 Sensei Woodrow "Woody" Jensen                        Sensei Jensen teaching the Lesson of the Day" 

Naihanchi 3                             Sensei w/Bo
Joe Hageman                                                                 Sensei Jensen          
"Naihanchi 3"                                                                   "Bo Kata"            

Full Contact Armor                 Front Stretch
Sensei Jensen teaching Tomi-san and Rutney-San                            Tomi-san and Rutney-san           
  "Full Contact"                                                                      "Stretch"

Non-contact                        One Step Spar
                         Dave Elegy                                               Thomas "Tomi-san" Klein and Joe Madrid
"Non-Contact Sparring"                                                      "One-Step-Sparring"

Light Contact                              Seiuchin
Naser Ramadan and Rod Lindgren                                             Rod "Rutney-san" Lindgren
"Light-Contact Sparring"                                                                 "Seiuchin"     

Bo-Sai                     Pinan 5
Sensei Jensen and Al McClelland                                                    Thomas Klein               
"Bo Sai Kata"                                                                       "Pinan 5"   

Sai Kata

Sensei Jensen
"Sai Kata"

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