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Shihan Charles Cusumano
Shihan Charles Cusumano
     When one makes the decision to place himself before the Kazoku nad its Yudansha for instruction in the methods of Isshin Shorin-ji it is assumed that the individual wishes to learn the doctrine of the sytem rather than expound his own pre-conceived philosophies upon the Kazoku. He may not say directly that he is in disbelief with the teachings setforth, but time will reveal the true purposes that the individual intends.The Isshin Shorin-ji system teaches, among other things, discipline through practice of humility and respect. Most devoted practitioners accept these concepts and cultivate them; while others allow the teachings to enter, but seek to allow the ego to confuse the instruction, thereby causing these individuals to transcend the Kazoku and its doctrine, and at the same time, assault the Kazoku siblings with untold humiliations. Let us say: We come to a fork in the road; The Kyoshi says, "Follow me for it is the proven way." Granted, most will follow, but there will be others, that because of their basic nature, will seek to discredit the Kyoshi and his teachings and take the other path, "knowing in themselves that their way is THE way." All these people find is a blind from which there is no exit. Unfortunately for them, the end has come; Fortunately for the Kazoku, the association has ended. This is as it is in the dojo. Some individuals will become discontent and attempt to do things "their way." They will soon reach a hiatus which will create an impass for them. At this point, they will either end their instruction or turn to follow the Kazoku and be re-united with the WAY of Isshin Shorin-ji. The latter being the way of ghe TRUE gujin.As is stated in the Zen texts, one whose cup is filled to the point of spilling over, cannot expect to receive more until his cup has been emptied. Only then will he realize to the fullest extent, the value of the instruction. It is to this end that we, the children of the Kazoku, strive to lift ourselves.

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