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“Harmony of Principle, Integrity in Purpose and Mutual Benefit”
by Rod Lindgren

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Since Soke Murphy organized Karate International in 1965, institutions throughout the state have recognized the value of Martial Arts training and have accepted programs under his supervision.  At St. Joseph's High School in Metuchen, N.J. for the first time in the U.S. varsity and junior varsity letters were presented to students participating in Karate training.  The Coaches' and Outstanding Athlete Awards were also given to members of the club.

OshimaKarate International Inc. was organized for the purpose of training professional instructors, standardizing training and sport competition methods and expanding teaching capabilities to encompass all Asian studies and to accommodate educational, recreational and business establishments, thereby benefiting all levels of society.

Soke Murphy established his main training hall in Parsippany, N.J. in 1970.  The largest facility of its kind on the East coast, and entirely designed and built by his students. In 1968, based on the evaluation of his various studies, Soke Murphy founded the system of Isshin-Shorinjiryu Okinawa te.  This is a discipline based on the consolidation of various bodies of knowledge about the Asian Arts and is recognized as one of the more fully developed methods of teaching allowing student to fully assimilate the broadened scope of knowledge and techniques of various styles.

After the formulation of the Isshin-Shorinji system, Masters James Chapman and Ralph Chirico of the Isshinryu system found Soke Murphy's concepts of training and philosophy be more in keeping with the true goals of the ancient Masters and joined with him and Master Leo Weber in spreading these concepts.

Cusumano LandisMaster Chapman was a close friend and associate of Soke Murphy from early training days. He also assisted in the formation of the Academies of Martial Arts and the Society of B1ack Belts of America.  Master Chapman opened an Academy branch in Aurora, Illinois in 1963 and sponsored both the Illinois State championships and the Tri-State Tournament. Master Chapman lost his life in an auto accident in the spring of 1971, a blow to the Karate world.

In 1965 Masters Chirico and Murphy met while training with Master Shimabuku.  In 1967 Master Chirico, well known for his tournament participation and fair judging, converted to Isshin-Shorinji, and became a staff instructor of Karate International in 1970 and Regional Supervisor in 1971.

Master Weber was a student of JuJutsu until he met Soke Murphy in 1961.  From that day on an unwavering friendship developed. Credit for the realization of many of the hopes of Soke Murphy can be given to him, as he laid the foundation for the development of Karate International Inc., and became its first Vice President.
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