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“Harmony of Principle, Integrity in Purpose and Mutual Benefit”
by Rod Lindgren

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Sensei Cusumano writes;
"Gankaku / Gankaku Dai from
Isshin Shorinji Ryu Okinawa Te... taught to me by a great instructor,
Sensei Robert Murphy.
I regard him as a karate genius and owe everything I know to him. His
teaching methods, using body mechanics to develop power and finesse, his
stress on a non-violent attitude, defined our system Isshin Shorinji Ryu.
He didn't take credit but gave credit to his instructors. I point to him when
complimented by students in Illinois and Tucson. It all goes to Sensei Murphy.
Sensei Robert Cusumano
has graciously allowed me to make two videos available on this website. One is of Sensei Robert Murphy, Sensei Leo Weber, Gogen Yamaguchi from approximately 1968.
The other is of Sensei Cusumano performing Gankaku-Dai

1968 Video

Gankaku Dai


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