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Sensei Lindgren's Okinawa-te Page
Resource website for Isshin Shorinji Ryu Okinawa te Karate.
This Website contains history of ISR as well as documents, photos and video.

“Harmony of Principle, Integrity in Purpose and Mutual Benefit”
by Rod Lindgren

Okinawa te buttons
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Isshin Shorinji Ryu Kata
  Sanchin Dai
performed by David Carr

Okinawa te buttons
Taikyoko 1    Tonfa
Taikyoku 2    Naihanchi 1
Taikyoku 3    Naihanchi 2
Taikyoku 4    Naihanchi 3
Taikyoku 5    Tomine no Kum
Piana 1    Shi Ho Hai
Pinan 2    Sanchin Dai
Pinan 3    Seiuchin
Pinan 4    Seisan
Pinan 5    Kusanku Dai
Nijushiho    Urashi
Wansu    Sanseru

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