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This Website contains history of ISR as well as documents, photos and video.

“Harmony of Principle, Integrity in Purpose and Mutual Benefit”
by Rod Lindgren

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If you know of any other schools teaching ISR, please send me the info. Links to websites are appreciated.

Shihan Scott Francis in Sandwich, IL -- Dojo Dynamics

Shihan Hercle Brown and Sensei Sebastian Brown in Aurora, IL Brown's Dragonfire Academy of Martial Arts

Sensei Charles Hunnicutt in Tucson, AZ - Sei Shin Kan

Sensei David Carr (Quiet Dragons) writes:
The original school in Illinois existed continuously since 1963 up until 2007 when the Aurora YMCA closed its doors.
Branch schools overlap this period
  Jack Walleck in Plano
Shihan Scott Francis in Sandwich --(See Below) Dojo Dynamics
Herkle Brown in Aurora
and my classes at the Fox Valley PD (these schools) continue today.

Sensei Anthony "Tony" Netta --  Netta's Martial Arts , 45 Washington Ave, Carteret, NJ 07008, 732-969-3533. We have had an active school for the past 30 years.  Sensei Netta is a direct student of Grand Master Ralph Chirico.

Sensei Chris Wissmann in Carbondale, IL - through the Carbondale Park District at

Aragren Video Productions - AVP