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Sensei Lindgren's Okinawa-te Page
Resource website for Isshin Shorinji Ryu Okinawa te Karate.
This Website contains history of ISR as well as documents, photos and video.

“Harmony of Principle, Integrity in Purpose and Mutual Benefit”
by Rod Lindgren

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Form:  Seiuchin
One step Prearranged Kumite (combination counters)
1.      Evade to left front oblique in zenkutsu with right reverse outer knife block, right outer knife to ribs, grab shoulder with left hand, pull shoulder and kick out opponent’s right leg for takedown, finish with right reverse punch executed going down on one knee.
2.      Evade crossing in front with left foot, execute spinning right back kick, follow with right backfist to face as right foot sets down, and finish with left reverse punch in zenkutsu.
3.      Left hand circular catch (inside) in backstance, right punch can be (vertical punch) to body, right palmheel to face, right inner knifehand to neck shifting to zenkutsu with front left foot.
4.      Left-hand circular catch (inside), right punches low, middle, and high, outer reap throw.
5.      Left hand circular catch (inside), right knee strike to abdomen, push opponent clear while holding on to him to make room for a right step forward followed by a left knee strike to the abdomen, push away for right front kick to middle body.
6.      Evade to left with right reverse circular catch (outside), right round kick middle body, right side thrust to back of attacker'’ right knee, step down to either right hammerfist or left reverse punch at the back of the head.
7.      “X” block high, pull down into right knee strike to abdomen, right elbow to face, dump throw.
8.      Evade to left in guard with left foot (right foot forward in cat stance), spin counter clockwise on cat foot into left side elbow strike to ribs, right knife hand (oxjaw) to neck, kick out attacker’s lead foot for takedown with your left foot, finish with right foot stomp.
9.      Left elbow block, spin clockwise into right side elbow strike to kidney, grab shoulders and pull down.
10.  Cross palm block with left hand, right close punch to body, right uppercut to jaw, left down elbow to back of head, rotary throw.
Combination Hand and Leg Techniques in Motion:
The techniques are designed to practice alternately both right and left sides.
1.      Middle block (L), two vertical punches (R,L), inner knife (R), front kick low (R).
2.      Side lunge punch, cross step side thrust kick.
3.      Outer knife high block (L), reverse inner knife (R), jump or step forward into smashing backfist (R) ending in hook stance.
4.      Side lunge punch (R), spinning lateral backfist (L), spinning back kick (R).
5.      Jump forward into backfist (L) vertical punch (R) with a short stance, front kick (R), left round kick (L).
6.      Step out left foot and perform a left outer knife to the ribs, step forward with right foot execute inner knife (R) midway through step and inner knife (L) as left foot contacts ground, do outer backfist (R) as left foot comes forward into hook stance.
7.      Step out into short stance with left foot perform backfist snap (L) followed by vertical reverse punch (R) change to a longer stance moving the front foot to a broken zenkutsu executing a low hammerfist (L) followed by a full reverse punch (R).
8.      Step out left foot with outer knife strike (L) to ribs followed by reverse inner knife (R), front kick (R) step down lunge punch (L).

Grade Requirements
These are the Grade Requirements developed and used by Sensei Jensen and his students.
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4th Kyu 
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